One About Us: PluckVideo is Now Live!

We’re officially open for business:

PluckVideo, the Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Indiegogo Video Production Company Launches in Los Angeles, California

The team behind Prepdeck’s $500K+ crowdfunding video has launched PluckVideo to help entrepreneurs and companies create winning Kickstarter and Indiegogo video productions.


The award-winning video production team behind successful crowdfunding campaigns like Prepdeck and Nova Jacket have launched a new crowdfunding video production company. PluckVideo, based in Los Angeles, makes compelling live-action digital commercials and crowdfunding videos for entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

“We chose the name PluckVideo because Pluck means courage, backbone, and perseverance. These are traits that the best crowdfunding founders share, and it’s how we live and work, too” says PluckVideo senior partner Patrick Ortman.

“After helping several new businesses successfully launch their products on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc., and watching one of our clients win TechCrunch, we decided to commit more fully to this space. We come from a commercials and branded content background, so we’re bringing PluckVideo those same award-winning skills and experience”. Patrick continued: “Crowdfunding is serious business, where the competition is just a click away. If you have a standout crowdfunding video, your chances for a successful campaign increase dramatically. But it’s been exceptionally hard for founders and brands to find the right crowdfunding video production partner. PluckVideo is about making crowdfunding videos that help you rise above the noise, getting your audience to learn about your product and back your campaign”.

PluckVideo offers several turn-key high-quality video production packages, along with custom packages. Learn more at

How Important is Your Crowdfunding Video to Campaign Success?

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There’s so much great information out there about crowdfunding and video production. I mean, why wouldn’t there be? So we’ll occasionally do a post that quotes some major players in the crowdfunding space.

Here’s installment numero uno, and it’s about how much and why video matters in your campaign:

From Kickstarter:
“Video is the best way to communicate the emotions, motivations, and character of a project, and the sincerity and seriousness of the creator.”

Ripped from Wyzowl about Kickstarter Videos:
“…projects with video succeed at a rate of 50% as opposed to 30% for those without. Another platform, Indiegogo, reports that campaigns with a pitch video raise 4 times more funds than campaigns without one.”

Stolen from
“You can write all the marketing copy you like, but a great Kickstarter video pretty much puts you, as an individual, in the room with your potential backers—giving you an unrivaled platform not only to explain your product and its benefits, but to talk about yourself; your inspiration, your motivations and, above all, your vision. Backers can see and hear you—building a powerful sense of empathy and trust.”

Filched from our friends @ AOTK:
“Your campaign video is one of the most critical elements of your crowdfunding campaign. Kickstarter even claims it is the most important part of your page, as it’s typically the first thing people see and interact with on the page.” 

Pilfered from MWP Digital Media (who have a very nice infographic up):
“How can you benefit from this research? We have learnt that it is incredibly important to put a lot of love into your Kickstarter project page. Unless you have a video on your Kickstarter project you are 85% more likely to fail to get funding. So get a video. Do not just slap up any old video. The better quality and more convincing your video is the more you will raise. Consider it a vital investment in your dream.”

Hello world!

This is us at work. Well, some of us. Sorry for cutting your heads off, folks!

We’re glad you’re here. We’re here, too. Who are we? Well, we’re PluckVideo. We make videos for crowdfunding campaigns like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. And we make videos for social video campaigns on platforms like Facebook.

So that’s us. But this blog isn’t really about us so much. Sure, we’ll post the occasional update on what we’re doing. That’s a given. Thing is, we want this blog to be more about the cool stuff that’s happening in the crowdfunding and social video world. Stuff that matters. Stuff you can use, in your own life and business.

Buckle up! Let’s have some fun and learn some stuff.